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Hangulization Auxiliary Alphabet for French

Page history last edited by Brian Jongseong Park 14 years, 2 months ago

A guide to using Hangulization Auxiliary Alphabet for French



  • b - beau /bo/
  • d - droit /drua/
  • dz - pizza /pidza/
  • f - force /fors/
  • g - gris /gri/
  • k - cas /ka/, avec /avek/
  • l - loup /lu/
  • m - maître /metr/
  • n - non /noŋ/
  • ny - gagneur /ganyör/, campagne /kaŋpany/
  • ŋ - an /aŋ/, pain /pæŋ/, ton /toŋ/, brun /bröŋ/; parking /parkiŋ/
  • p - passé /pase/
  • r - rien /riæŋ/
  • s - sans /saŋ/
  • š - acheter /ašte/
  • t - toi /tua/
  • v - vois /vua/
  • y - payer /peye/, Marseille /marsey/
  • z - zone /zon/, mise /miz/
  • ž - Jean /žaŋ/, juge /žüž/
  • a - sa /sa/; pâte /pat/
  • e - fête /fet/; débute /debüt/
  • i - vie /vi/
  • o - rose /roz/; mort /mor/
  • u - sous /su/; quoi /kua/; alouette /aluet/
  • æ - faim /fæŋ/
  • ə - le /lə/
  • ö - ceux /sö/, sœur /sör/
  • ü - sur /sür/; lui /lüi/



Since Korean doesn't have nasal vowels, indicate nasal vowels of French by adding /ŋ/ at the end. Note that the nasal vowel in words like 'fin' and 'train' are transcribed /æŋ/. The 'w' sound is always transcribed as /u/, so the sound represented by the combination 'oi' is transcribed /ua/. The 'y' sound ([j] in IPA) of French need only be transcribed as /y/ at the end of a word, e.g. taille /tay/, or in between vowels, e.g. billet /biye/. In other positions, transcribe the sound as /i/, e.g. hier /ier/, champion /šaŋpioŋ/. The semivowel corresponding to the French 'u' sound ([ɥ] in IPA) is always transcribed as /ü/ just like its corresponding full vowel, e.g. Suisse /süis/, lueur /lüör/.

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